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Angels are among us

We've all seen 11:11 and said "make a wish"! But have you ever wondered why synchronized numbers pop up in our lives?

It was only after constantly seeing and hearing things like 1:11am, 222, 10:10pm and $5.55 that I decided to research the reason and the meaning behind the numbers. Synchronized numbers are signs from our angels. They are guiding us and telling us we are on the right path. According to , each number sequence has its own meaning:

The angels that communicate with us are usually our guardian angels, our higher selves, our spirit guides or a loved one that has passed away. You can rest assured that angels are always watching over us and protecting us.

There are also many other signs that angels use to communicate with us!

1. Seeing dimes and pennies

2. Feathers

3. Sparkles of light

4. Cloud formations

5. Butterflies

6. Rainbows

7. Doves

8. Goosebumps or a tingling sensation

9. Bells ringing

10. Books or things falling off shelves

I've experienced all of these things throughout my life but only started noticing them more frequently in the past 2 years. To some people these are mere coincidences and that's fine. But I believe there is divine significance behind these occurrences and that angels are clearly trying to send us a message.

It's important to be aware of our thoughts and situations when they happen. Sometimes it's a sign to be patient or that a big change is coming. Other times, it's a reminder to keep your thoughts positive or a message that you are safe and protected. Once you start tuning into these signs and messages, you will notice them happening more often! For the past year, I've been finding dimes everywhere I go! I find myself surrounded by butterflies all the time and always see synchronized numbers not only when checking the time but in the strangest most random places!

If you want to, you can ask for a specific sign when you want divine guidance. It can be anything from a gold coin or a name or an animal for example. When making important decisions or if I ever need an answer for something, I ask to see the numbers 777 and without fail, the numbers have magically appeared when I needed them to. It sounds crazy but it's true. Try it and let me know how it goes! Angels are among us! Follow the signs!

Sending you love and light,



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